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Delphi Tips And Tricks

Richeys Delphi-Box
Richey's Info Sources Page
Delphi White Papers
The Unofficial Delphi Developers FAQ
Delphi Community Home Page (Borland Delphi User Group)
The Delphi Pro
Marco Cantu Delphi
Dr Bobs Delphi 5 Clinic
Unofficial Delphi Developers FAQ
Delphi Tips
Kanades Delphi Tips And Tricks
Black Sirius DELPHI 4
Yet Another Code Site FAQs
Unofficial Delphi Developers FAQ
TTreeView Tutorial
Delphi RichEdit FAQs

Delphi And Corba

CORBA, Java, and the Object Web
Creating A CORBA Client (Delphi)
Creating A CORBA Server (Delphi)
Distributed Object Computing and CORBA Documents
Delphi And Midas

Delphi COM OLE And ActiveX

COM, OLE and ActiveX in Delphi
The COM DelphiCommunity
ActiveX HTML Controls
Delphi ActiveX Shell Component
Binh's COM Page
OpenDoc vs OLE

Delphi And Office Automation

Delphi 3 and Delphi 4 Word Automation


Sean Wilsons Graphics Programming
The OpenGL Web Site
OpenGL Tutorial
Delphi3D - Rapid OpenGL Development
Screaming Hollow - 3D Game Programming Resources
Illusions of the Future
3D Engines List
Games Programming
3D Graphics

Delphi And ADO

Much ADO about the Web
Delphi And ADO Sourcecode
Accessing Databases Using ADO and Delphi
Delphi Does ADO

Delphi Comms And Delphi Internet

Delphi Internet SourceCode (Good)
Microsoft Internet Protocols
Delphi InternetExpress At Dr.Bob's Delphi Clinic
Network and Communications Source Code
NetMeeting (Meeting by Wire)
DelphiZine Online WAP Article

Delphi And XML

XML Parsing In Delphi One (Good)
XML Parsing In Delphi Two (Good)
Open XML (With Delphi Source)
XML And Delphi Info From Open XML
XML From Delphi

XML Coding In General

WC3 XML Page
MSDN Online XML Developer Center
XML School
The XML Resource Centre
XML Project Cool Zone
XML And Internet Explorer 5
XML FAQ (Excellent)
Word To XML Study
XML vs Word

XML And Portals

XML Components Tutorial
XML Dev Archive
Leveraging the Microsoft Repository in Your Warehouse
XML EDI Group Home Page
An Introduction To Using XML With SQL

SGML AND XML Editors Parsers And Browsers

DocZilla XML and SGML Browser
Microsoft XML Notepad
XML Editor Reviews
SGML & XML Parsers And Engines
SGML Parser

Legal XML

Legal XML
Legal XML Template Utility
Legal XML Unofficial Note

Dublin Core

The Dublin Core
XML, SGML and Dublin Core Related Standards
Dublin Core and RDF
The Warwick Framework For Extending The Dublin Core

The Document Object Model

The W3C Document Object Model (DOM)
DOM Requirements
The Document Object Model Core Level 1
Document Object Model Specification Level 1
MSXML.DLL Reference

Web Standards

Web Useability Standards
Web GUI Standards
HTML 4.0 Specification
MIME type information
Using Search Engines For Search And Site Optimization

Knowledge Management

Towards a Web Object Model
Taxonomic Searching
Artificial Intelligence
MiningCo Software Agents
MiningCo Text Analyst
IBM Intelligent Miner for Text
Knowledge and Information Management Links One
Knowledge and Information Management Links Two
Legal Knowledge Management Links

Document Management

Document Management Principles And Strategies
Document Management Technical Issues

Object Orientated Development

Object Oriented Skills Training
OSU Online OOP Course
UML Documentation Resources
The Fusion Method
Introduction To The Booch Method
OSA Tutorial
Sam Hills Pages
The Object-Oriented Page
Cetus Object Orientation Links

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Delphi Sites And Resources Links
UK Borland User Group
UK BUG Delphi Recommended Links
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