Simple Breath Meditation


A very simple but effective meditation that you can even do on the train!


Choose a Posture you feel comfortable with.

Then relax the body by concentrating on each part in turn, allowing the stress in that area to fall away.
(See Basic Relaxation). Spend two to five minutes on this.

Then when you're ready concentrate on the breath, and simply watch it come and go.
Allow your breathing to become regular and a little deeper, but don't force anything.
Breathing in through the nose and out through the nose is best, although breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is fine too if this is what you prefer.

If your mind wanders off in any direction, gently bring it back to an awareness of each breath you take.
Spend a few minutes just 'watching' the air going into your nose, and then through the nose or mouth. Try to maintain this simple awareness.

Breath comes in, and breath goes out.
Now let your attention focus on the sensations you can feel at the end of your nose or your lips as the air passes through on it's way in and out. Relax. Simply watch.

When you are ready, come out of the meditation by gradually becoming aware of your surroundings, and open your eyes. Stretch out. If it helps, put your hands on the floor for a short time as a way of 'coming back to earth'. (See Opening And Closing A Meditation.)


Contribution: Richard Ebbs, Leeds, England.


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