Making Contributions To The Meditation Site


Perhaps you know of a Shinto technique. Or perhaps you are Jain and could share with us your own favourite meditation practises. Whatever tradition you prefer to work in, send them in! All I ask is that

rotating dot you have actually practised this method yourself, such that you know it well.

rotating dot your description is succinct and practical, written in such a way that you could use the text to lead a student through the practise.

rotating dot theory, cosmologies and 'maps' should be kept to an absolute minimum. Let other web sites deal with these things. Here the emphasis is on practise.

rotating dot evangelical/fundamentalist propaganda will tend to find it's way rather quickly to the the recycle bin. Sorry.

rotating dot I reserve the right to include or exclude any contribution. The text may also be edited. However, if you have mailed a wonderful technique and it does not appear on the site for a while, please be patient. I may be busy, or then again I may well be trying it out for myself prior to inclusion.

rotating dot last but not least, please don't expect to retain any kind of copyright on submissions.

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